Coliseum (1988)

Distribuidor/Marca: Topo Soft
Genero: Arcade 2 comentarios





2015-08-26 13:18:26 beZ7WqqfAl disse

j'aimerai bien avoir des lignes de fraicansje trouve nul d'etre sur un jeu en version francaise d'etre bascule9 a chaque fois sur des site en anglais

2015-08-25 10:43:47 sruhhhzbr disse

What a relief to learn pliyang a silly computer game receives the type of reaction in such Basement Astronauts as Vortican; in the hopes this Tissue Miester is entirely spent before ever surfacing and making contact with an actual human being. Play On, Dud!! Yeah, I meant D-u-d.To the Whiners right click support and draw a ticket; this is a blog about future changes, not bugs..Sheesh!As for catering to the masses , Mick? You are not alone. Well, at least in your feelings about an open pvp field game change. I, for 1, no 2, w8 5+ and counting, am not keen on the idea and also left Grepolis (like Calire) for the same reasons. I enjoy the battles and welcome looters who beat me and would love a 1-on-1 battle option. Option! Runescape, you guys will never catch but its advisable to allow your loyalists options or lose your front.Ya got bugs still plaguing the current designs, better to perfect the existing game and stop kissing the gotta-mount-that-next-hill stone.PS: Who was referenced when seeking Colonial Architecture?? The Radius Tracery is definetly on OVERKILL!Grousedance

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