Robbbot (1986)

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2015-08-26 19:40:50 VKqZbYp7a disse

I have long had the attitude that what I see makes me rich. It may be the right to sencery when I am in the country or the changing colours of the sea on the way down the hill to my place. It can be going to an op shop on the way to do my groceries or walking around the mall. I have no need to buy anything on the days without the resources but just seeing beauty in things, whether creation or created ie, clothes, books,jewellery, is enough for me. I can enjoy it all there without feeling the need to take it home or possess it myself. It is the attitude that counts and gives just as big a high as buying the thing without the guilt that comes with stretching the budget beyond reason. I also get a huge high from redoing or restoring and saving what I already have. Cherrie

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