Buster Block

Buster Block (1986)

Distributore/Marchio: Kuma
Genere: Arcade 1 commenti





2015-09-01 17:07:47 g0Ps31sH1 detto

Dec13 It really just goes to show (great video, by the way) that the innteert doesn't make advertisers immune to the problems they're having in media in general. Just like TiVo, etc. is killing TV ad effectiveness, and downloadable music is diluting radio ads, new technology on the innteert is making it harder and harder to be seen.I suspect we're going to see the equivalent of product placement happening more and more on the innteert. It's apparently hitting video games (online and console), and now we've got all of the word-of-mouth corruption as well (paid blog posts, for example).

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