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Welcome to the Amstrad Abandonware website dedicated to the world of the Amstrad CPC 464, CPC 6128 and to the Amstrad games in general. From the web you can play online or download the more than 1.000 abandonware games for Amstrad that we have at present, totally free.

You are also at your disposal a section with the main emulators and, if you have any questions or suggestions we offer you a section to contact us, as well as a section for news or updates on the web.

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New game added

2013-03-02 07:47:01

New game added! Skate Wars


Some games

Double Dragon

Double Dragon (1988)

Distributor/Developer: Virgin
Genre: Arcade 0 posts

Rating: 2 votes (Rating 3,00)

Visitors: 3588 visitors


Barbarian (1988)

Distributor/Developer: Melbourne House
Genre: Arcade 0 posts

Rating: 1 votes (Rating 5,00)

Visitors: 1236 visitors

Express Raider

Express Raider (1987)

Distributor/Developer: US Gold
Genre: Arcade 0 posts

Rating: 1 votes (Rating 5,00)

Visitors: 1107 visitors

Bestial Warrior

Bestial Warrior (1989)

Distributor/Developer: Dinamic
Genre: Arcade 0 posts

Rating: 1 votes (Rating 5,00)

Visitors: 1725 visitors

Dragon Breed

Dragon Breed (1991)

Distributor/Developer: Activision
Genre: Arcade 0 posts

Rating: 1 votes (Rating 5,00)

Visitors: 2716 visitors


Gabrielle (1987)

Distributor/Developer: UBI Soft
Genre: Arcade 0 posts

Rating: 1 votes (Rating 5,00)

Visitors: 792 visitors

Classiques Volume 1

Classiques Volume 1 (1987)

Distributor/Developer: Titus
Genre: Arcade 0 posts

Rating: 1 votes (Rating 5,00)

Visitors: 625 visitors

Most rated games

Fruity Frank Fruity Frank (1984)
(Rating 9,65) 23 votes
La Abadia del Crimen La Abadia del Crimen (1988)
(Rating 9,65) 20 votes
Sorcery Sorcery (1985)
(Rating 9,38) 8 votes
Imagination Imagination (1987)
(Rating 9,17) 6 votes
Formula One Formula One (1985)
(Rating 9,17) 6 votes

Most visited games

Skate Wars Skate Wars
95642 visitors
Coliseum Coliseum
67900 visitors
Narco Police Narco Police
60838 visitors
Turbo Esprit Turbo Esprit
60352 visitors
Rick Dangerous Rick Dangerous
58468 visitors


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Target Renegade

Target Renegade

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