The Quest for the Golden Eggcup

The Quest for the Golden Eggcup (1988)

Distributor/Developer: Mastertronic
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For sure, isn't a perfect place to share my equestrian hobby, but I have to start somewhere, so I thought that this category will be ok.

Horse rugs are a confusing Matter for many riders. Some riders do not feel the need to use them and consider them an unnecessary attachment, while some can't imagine functioning without them. What is the Reality? In case you choose to use a carpet, which would be acceptable for your horse?

It's true that within their Natural habitat, horses do just fine with no amenities as carpets. But, we must note that horses functioning in horse riding don't have the exact same functioning conditions as the horses residing in their natural habitat. To start with, horses training below the saddle are usually shaven, which impacts their natural protective layer against low temperatures. Most time when it's cold outdoors, these horses spend inside, where they are not subject to reduced temperatures. The matter of a different diet is crucial here. This is precisely why we can't expect them to have the immunity that their free brothers have. While changing the horses' habits and surroundings, we will need to supply them with protection against the negative ramifications of e.g. weather. For this very reason we have various types of carpeting. Which type would be most useful for your horse and if to use it? We'll attempt to describe that.

In shops you can come across these types of carpets:

  1. Coaching -- this type of carpet is put on together with a saddle. It'll be ideal for colder days. We ought to mention that training with them should not be too exhausting, because your horse could have difficulty with losing heat excess from the body.
  2. Dry -- normally made from fleece or some other material with moisture-absorbing properties. This type of carpets is generally used after training so as to wash the horse. In shops, you can find them as fleece carpeting.
  3. Stable -- recommended for shaved horses. They ought to protect the horse from heating too far, but at precisely the same time they do not block air circulation, so the horse does not sweat. To be used in stalls. This will protect your horse against the wind and rain. Made of substances easy to clean.
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  6. Shipping -- to be utilized to protect the horse during transportation.

Another thing would be to adjust the Proper length. Namely, how to choose proper size for your own horse. Particular producers have different size markings. You can find letter sizes (S, M, L etc.), centimeters, or inches. There is a principle where for units of length is the duration of the carpet on the horse's back. This value is essential for choosing the proper size. Even if you have an S, M, or L size, it refers to the rug's length on the horse's back. E.g. a well-known producer of equestrian equipment Eskadron claims that S = 125 cm, M = 135 cm, L = 145 cm, etc.. Of course, it's best when you're able to have a look at a graph when all of the rug's measurements are mentioned. Then you can be sure that a given size will fit your horse correctly.

As you can See, by employing proper rug you can assist your horse in dealing with unpleasant Weather, insects, or shield him during transportation. Also, you shouldn't overdo The entire rug thing. Should you use them if they Aren't needed, you can disturb Your horse's natural thermal self-regulation. However, You Have to remember That with no rug once the weather is poor, you endanger your horse e.g. to a Higher risk of getting cold.

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